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"The constitution is the ultimate custodian of social will and its making should be accorded all due diligence"

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Nigeria is one of the largest telecommunications markets in Africa, with a strong, multinational presence. The surge in mobile phone use has enhanced the lives of Nigerians and revolutionised the banking industry through the use of mobile banking apps. The sector, however, is adapting to the realities of changing trends, intense competition and regulatory scrutiny, and clients need a firm, hands-on experience of legal counsel in this constantly changing landscape.

At MLA, we counsel Nigerian and international clients on a broad range of legal and regulatory issues, such as: procuring requisite licenses for telecommunications operations from the NCC, regulatory compliance issues in respect of clients’ operations, joint venture arrangements  and financial structuring in the sector, regulatory frameworks (permits and consents) for prospective operations, regulations on software and hardware, licensing issues and approvals, data protection and privacy, regulation of online services and various commercial arrangements.


MLA advise leading Nigerian and global participants in the telecommunications sector on all aspects of telecommunications law, including regulatory, licensing issues, joint venture, restructuring, financing and various other commercial arrangements. Our lawyers have been active in this space since the liberalisation of the telecommunications space in 2001 and therefore possess specialised and unique experience in this sector. We are equally active in the development of policies in the telecommunications and technology space. We have experience working with several regulatory authorities in the telecommunications and technology areas.

Notable areas of Success

We advise both large international players and ambitious Nigerian start-ups on a wide range of critical and novel matters to do with:

  • Ducting and rights of way
  • Co-location and leasing agreements
  • Licensing of operations and spectrum
  • Private equity and strategic investments
  • Sales and leaseback of masts and other transmission assets
  • Sales and leaseback of masts and other transmission assets
  • Grafting, enforcing and resisting “non-compete “clauses
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Telecommunications regulation
  • Litigation

Service Administration

The available fee option is on job basis with reimbursable expenses. In addition to the core services enumerated and described above, Millhouse Legal Advisory can further provide critical value-added services as part of our Corporate Commercial support offering. 

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At MILLHOUSE LEGAL ADVISORY, we appreciate our clients’ desires to control the cost of services rendered to them. Accordingly our billing policy is flexible and we try to accommodate the peculiar requirements of each client. However, our billing structure comes with a detailed agreement and the agreement has several payment options as it suits the client e.g. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.